Bankcard Agent Testimonials

QouteOpenAI was ready to quit after being thrown to the wolves with nothing but a 3 ring binder of information and some merchant applications.  My first sales calls were absolute disasters and I was extremely frustrated.  No way was I going back out there without knowing what I was doing.  Thankfully, I found you online, and got the knowledge I need to make it in this industry.  Your site has been a godsend – Thank You!QouteCloseA

– Robert K.  Sacramento, California Area


QouteOpenAWhat I like most about BSA, is that I’ve learned so many lessons from experienced and successful sales agents. The knowledge I received has taken my bankcard sales career to the next level.  I genuinely appreciate the service you provide. Thanks! QouteCloseA

– John Lundy Kansas City, Missouri Area


QouteOpenAI use to really struggle with analyzing merchant’s processing statements, and was excited when one of the first email newsletters I received shared how to breakdown a statement. The information really helped me. Now I’m a devoted reader of every newsletter.QouteCloseA

– R. Chen San Francisco Bay Area


QouteOpenASimply put, this is an awesome website with tons of great information for someone getting started in the merchant account industry.QouteCloseA

– Chase Mann – Dallas/Fort Worth Area


QouteOpenAYour site has been truly inspiring and motivating to me, and I’ve really improved my selling techniques.  What I’ve learned helps me to believe in myself and be a more confident professional.  It makes me glad I got into this business. God Bless!QouteCloseA

Martha W. Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area


QouteOpenAI just wanted to express appreciation for providing such respected information for free. Having all such information together in one place is a tremendous help to new sales agents like myself.  Thank You!QouteCloseA

– Ranjana Greater New York City Area


QouteOpenAI’ve been in the industry for a while now, but almost every time I visit your site, I still manage to find something new.QouteCloseA

– Andy Folkman Knoxville, Tennessee Area


QouteOpenAJust wanted to send you a note to say Thanks.  I recently passed the industry certification exam and your site was tremendously helpful in filling in some of the gaps not covered by other resources.QouteCloseA

– Florina  Greater Pittsburgh Area


QouteOpenAI’m a Independent Bankcard Sales Agent, and I am always looking for new ideas and suggestions for increasing my sales. I found your website while searching online for ideas on getting merchant referrals. I found that and so much more.  I have now read through everything on your site and wanted to say how much I appreciate all the information you’ve made available at no cost.QouteCloseA

– Dan E. Greater Boston Area


QouteOpenAThank you for the information! I’m a 57 year old retired business executive just starting my sales career. After experiencing a discouraging first few months, I came across your site.  I was encouraged by the information you gave on prospecting and lead generation. I now have some great new ideas to try.   QouteCloseA

– A. Morley  Greater Atlanta Area


QouteOpenAI am a relatively new independent sales agent with less than a year under my belt.  I just wanted to say this is a VERY helpful and informative site. Thank you very much for compiling such a wealth of knowledge.QouteCloseA

Geoffrey  Asheville, North Carolina Area


QouteOpenALove your site; the information is helpful and straightforward.  Very well done!QouteCloseA

Brenda Pakcheco  Richmond, Virginia Area


QouteOpenAI’ve been a subscriber to your newsletter for several months.  The emails keep me supplied with lot of ideas on how to get new clients and making sure they stick around.  Please keep it coming.  QouteCloseA

– Lee D. Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida Area


QouteOpenAWhen my business partner first shared your site with me, I started reading and didn’t stop for several hours. I was captivated by all the ideas and techniques you present on one website.  We now make your site required reading for all new recruits that join our small (but growing) sales office.QouteCloseA

– Douglas W. Cincinnati Area


QouteOpenAAfter working for more than a year as an Account Executive in a small ISO office in Fayetteville AR, I thought I knew everything I needed to go out and sell merchant accounts for myself. I quickly learned that I needed some help getting leads. Your site gave me the direction I needed, and I now have self-generated leads to work.QouteCloseA

Ryan W. Greater Tulsa Area


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