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Most serious merchant account sales people set goals and, just as importantly, they expect to achieve them. But in reality, only about 50% of people ever even meet their minimum sales quotas. So, why is it that so many merchant account sales people often fall short? Is it that we set the bar too high, lose momentum, or just plain get lazy? The truth is, most the time, it’s none of that. We don’t often meet our expectations, because of lack of planning. We know where we want to get to, but neglect to plan how to get there. Insert the “taking a road-trip without having directions” analogy here!

Here’s the 2 step plan for getting there…


Understanding your “why” keeps you strong even through the tough times. When you’re not feeling motivated or having a bad day, remind yourself why you’re in the merchant account sales business in the first place. The “why” will enable you to refocus, re-energize, and push through.


Now that you’ve gotten your “whys” clarified, the next step is to plan your “hows”. This is where the majority of merchant account sales people set themselves up for failure. Lack of planning.

For instance, if one of your set goals for this year is to board a large local merchant, you need to ask yourself; “how will I achieve it”. Do you have existing contacts or referrals to get you in the door? If not, how and where might you meet those people? Maybe, you need to tragically expand your Linkedin network. Have you researched the company, do you know how they take payments now? The point is, you need to break your sales goals down into smaller bite-sized actions. A well planned strategy may include 10, 20, or more pre-sale actions. Outline the steps toward successful, and tackle it one item at a time.

To sum it all up, in order for you to achieve your merchant account sales goals, you need to identify specific actionable steps to getting there. Keep in mind, it doesn’t have to perfect, and you can get started, right now! To misquote Margaret Thatcher… “Plan your work, and work you plan!”

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