Productivity: An Uncommon strategy for unlocking your problem solving skills

Young Business Man With Problems And Stress In The Office

A Powerful Technique to Unlock Creative Thinking, When You Need it The Most.

Studies show that the ability of an individual to concentrate on a single subject only last between 57 to 90 minutes before the mind goes into passivity. Simply put, after about an hour or so into any serious mental work, most of us are spacing out.

This can be a major roadblock, especially when you’re trying to do some brainstorming by yourself; an important exercise in any serious approach to sales and marketing. This often comes when you’re at a critical point in your merchant account business; trying to increase performance or develop a strategy for increased sales. It can be tough to break through the mental numbness and generate fresh ideas.

I ran into this problem often during my brainstorming sessions. I’d find myself blankly staring at my planning sheet without any good ideas forming. That was until; a friend introduced me to a rare strategy to recover from the mental numbness.

Here’s what often happens… you need to be thinking creatively, but your mind is focused on solving a specific problem. It could be how to increase sales, ramp up marketing, financial issues or another critical area of your business. You’re thinking about how to turn things around and putting pressure on yourself to “fix it”.

As a driven person, the temptation is to just keep pushing. You’ll try all sorts of ways to open up your mind and get to the solution. But the truth is it won’t happen!

The Solution

The challenge with overcoming a mental block is that you can’t think your way out of it. In fact, you have to stop thinking all together. Okay maybe not completely, but put down everything and find a way to purge your mind; just free yourself of the pressure.

You need a mental distraction. Go for a walk, listen to music, play with the cat, or whatever it takes! The human mind is truly amazing it never truly stops thinking. Even while you’re sleeping, your mind has the ability to solve problems, but in this case, when you free yourself of worries and pressure to think, you free your mind from captivity.

While you take a break, move around and get your blood flowing. Use the time to do a little exercise. Change your surroundings or move to a more relaxing atmosphere. Read something interesting or watch a video that makes you laugh. Do just about any activity that refocuses your mind, but nothing serious or mentally challenging.

Taking a time out, will allow your brain to recover from the pressure and rejuvenate the brain functionality. It gives your brain a chance to recoup, so when you go back to your brainstorming session you can give it your full attention. A simple mental break can be the most productive thing you can you do. You’ll be impressed at the impact this will have on your ability to think creatively and solve problems.

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