Your Bankcard Sales Career Mentor

bankcard sales agent mentor

The advantage of having a powerful mentor in your corner can have an extraordinary effect on your success.  Nearly all great achievers will attest to being influenced by a mentor. Someone with experience to draw on, someone from which to seek advice and counsel, someone you can depend on to help you accomplish your goals.   Through our online coaching and training resources is here to provide that same level of mentoring to our members.

With over 30 years of combined merchant service sales and bankcard training experience,  we’ve developed this merchant account sales agent resource website.   Our aim is to provide bankcard sales reps with proven selling methods, marketing concepts, training information, and other helpful ideas.

Staying competitive in the bankcard industry, requires a dedication to developing strong work habits, an ongoing understanding of the merchant service industry, and constantly learning new business-to-business marketing ideas. Here are just some of the topics we cover;

  • Generating new prospects and ongoing referrals  – the art of finding clients
  • Learning the sales process – the systematic way of getting deals
  • Developing an action plan – you  must plan your work and work your plan
  • Proven closing techniques  – getting them to sign
  • Product and merchant level support training
  • Target marketing – identifying and selling niche markets
  • Pitfalls to avoid as an independent bankcard sales agent
  • business-to-business (b2b) marketing ideas (strategies, sales techniques, selling concepts)
  • How to market yourself online, (creating a website, and using social media)
  • Getting, and staying, organized
  • Plus, much, much more

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